Automobile insurance claims file

What to do if you have incurred a loss

If you incur a loss, you should contact your insurer as quickly as possible. See our tips to help you avoid problems when making an automobile insurance or home insurance claim.

Agents from the AMF’s Information Centre are available to answer your questions and help you in your dealings with the insurer.

What is the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles?

The Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (“FCSA”) is an automobile claims database consisting of information related to all losses in which you have been involved and for which an insurance claim was filed. This covers accidents, theft, vandalism and any other automobile lossIn the field of insurance, a loss is damage sustained following an unfavourable event, such as death, illness, fire, accident, etc. incurred in the past six years.

Your insurer has access to the automobile claims database and can use the information to determine your premiumA premium, or insurance premium, is an amount that a person or company must pay on a regular basis to keep their insurance in effect. For example, if Mary has to pay $200 per year to keep her life insurance in effect, then the premium is $200.
The premium should not be confused with the face amount, or insured amount, which is the amount that the insurance company has to pay out. In the same example, if Mary has life insurance that pays $100,000 to Peter upon her death, then the face amount is $100,000. 

How to obtain a copy of your file

You can easily request a copy of your claims file through the website of the Groupement des assureurs automobiles This link will open in a new window (GAA).

You can receive a copy of your file:

  • By Internet
  • By mail
  • In person

How to report an error in the FCSA

If you notice an error in your claims file, contact the GAA Insurance Information Centre This link will open in a new window or make a rectification request This link will open in a new window on-line.