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About SEDAR+

The Canadian securities regulation (CSA) is modernizing the electronic filing and data access systems that underpin Canadian securities regulation. SEDAR+ is the new, secure web-based platform that will consolidate the multiple legacy systems into a single platform and will be used by all market participants to file, disclose and search for information in Canada’s capital markets. SEDAR+ will be easier to use and more intuitive than the legacy systems it is replacing, which can no longer respond to the modern needs of market participants. The legacy systems do not “speak” to each other and require users to manually connect the various data from each system to perform their Canadian securities due diligence.

Migrating legacy systems to SEDAR+

Over the coming years, the CSA will migrate the legacy systems to SEDAR+ in three phases.

These systems have been migrated to the new SEDAR+ platform since July 25:

  • SEDAR,
  • the Disciplined List,
  • the Cease Trade Order databases,
  • the exempt market systems,
  • the reporting issuers lists,
  • certain local filing systems.

Following that first release, SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders), NRD (National Registration Database) and NRS (National Registration Search) will be subsequently migrated to SEDAR+.