Senior Management and Internal Audit

Members of Senior Management

Yves Ouellet

President and CEO

Patrick Déry

Superintendent, Financial Institutions
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  • Julien Reid Senior Director, Policy and Resolution
    • Alain Angora Director, Licensing and Resolution
    • Luc Naud Director, Capital and Liquidity Policy
    • Hélène Samson Director, Prudential Policy and Simulations
  • Paulin Roy Senior Director, Solvency and Data Value Creation
    • Isabelle Berthiaume Director, Supervision – Financial Condition
    • Vadim Cebotari Director, Supervision – Models
    • Ibrahima Khaya Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Nathalie Sirois Senior Director, Prudential Supervision
    • Mario Beaudoin Director, Alternative Insurance Distribution Practices
    • Hicham Djab Director, Supervision – Emerging Risks
    • Véronique Martel Director, Supervision – Commercial Practices
    • Pascal Michaud Director, Supervision – Governance and Management Practices

Nathalie Hamel

Executive Director, Public Affairs and External Communications
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  • Martin Blais Director, Digital Strategies
  • Sophie Garon Director, External Communications
  • Gabrielle Meloche Director, Public Affairs
    • Sylvain Théberge Director, Media Relations

Éric Jacob

Executive Director, Enforcement
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  • Vacancy Senior Director, Investigations
    • Stéphane Castilloux Director, Computer Forensics
    • Édouard DeBlois Director, Market Abuse Investigations
    • Christian Desjardins Director, Case Assessment and Intelligence
    • Éric Desrosiers Director, General Investigations
    • Marie-Isabelle Dionne Director, Cyber and Joint Investigations
    • Pierre-Yves L'Espérance Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Annie Pigeon Senior Director, Litigation
    • Brigitte Bélair Director, Litigation – Montréal
    • Sylvie Boucher Director, Litigation – Québec City
    • Brigitte Gobeil Director, Litigation – Montréal
  • Christine Vachon Senior Director, Inspections
    • Éric Boutin Director, Inspections – Securities
    • Geneviève Vigneault Director, Inspections – Distribution of Financial Products and Services

Kim Lachapelle

Superintendent, Client Services and Financial Education
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  • Christian Beaulieu Senior Director, Distribution Practices
    • Louis Letellier Director, Certification and Registration
    • Geneviève Tourigny Director, Qualifications
  • Antoine Bédard Senior Director, Client Services and Education Programs
    • Camille Beaudoin Director, Financial Education Expertise and Partnerships
    • Caroline Néron Director, Complaints and Compensation
    • Julie Paquin Director, Education Programs
    • Sonia Richard Director, Information Centre

Hugo Lacroix

Superintendent, Securities Markets and Distribution
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  • Frédéric Belleau Senior Director, Investment Products and Sustainable Finance
    • Olivier Girardeau Director, Sustainable Finance Oversight and Supervision
    • Sophie Hamel Director, Investment Products Supervision
    • Bruno Vilone Director, Investment Products Oversight
  • Benoit Gascon Senior Director, Corporate Finance
    • Martine Barry Director, Supervision of Financial Reporting
    • Michel Bourque Interim Director, Regulatory Policy
    • Marie-Claude Brunet-Ladrie Director, Supervision of Issuers and Insiders
    • Patrick Théorêt Director, Corporate Finance Transactions
  • Dominique Martin Senior Director, Market Activities and Derivatives
    • Houcine Kabbaj Director, Market Data Intelligence
    • Jean-Simon Lemieux Director, Oversight of Trading Activities
    • Herman Hsin Ming Tan Director, Oversight of Clearing Activities
  • Louise Gauthier Senior Director, Distribution Policies
    • Mélissa Perreault Director, Distribution Practices and SROs
    • Pascale Toupin Director, Supervision of Intermediaries

Marie-Pier Langelier

Vice-President, Strategy and Risks
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  • Lise Estelle Brault Senior Director, Fintech and Innovation
    • Marie-Ève Lainez Director, Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • Virginie Chane-Teng Senior Director, Monitoring, Risks and Performance
    • Mario Houle Chief Economist
    • Carl Ouellet Director, Integrated Risk and Performance Management
  • Vacancy Director, Office of the President and CEO
    • Marie-Claude Dubeault (absent)
    • Mélanie Laterreur Interim Director, Internal Communications

Philippe Lebel

Corporate Secretary and Executive Director, Legal Affairs
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  • Karine Lavoie Director, Legal Affairs – Québec City
  • Benoit Longtin Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Luc Pelletier Director, Legal Affairs – Montréal
  • Natalie Rheault Director, Translation

Marie-Claude Soucy

Vice-president, Finance, Talent and Technology
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  • Guy Arteau Senior Director, Information Technologies
    • Jonathan Bélanger Director, IT Architecture, Innovation and Strategy
    • Denis Fortin Director, IT Operations and Services
    • Mark Kaven Lamothe Lafrenière Director, Information Security
    • Jean-François Ouellet Chief Data and Advanced Analytics Officer
    • Mario Paquet Interim Director, Sector-Based Solutions
      Director, Enterprise Solutions
    • Valy Yeo Director, Client Service
  • Isabelle Dufour Senior Director, Talent and Culture
    • Marie-Ève Bessette Director, HR Business Partnerships and Centre of Expertise
    • Cathy Champagne Director, Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience
    • Vacancy Director, Organizational Development and Transformation
  • Éric Langlois Director, Project Management Office
    • Éric Langlois Interim Director, Portfolio and Project Support and Oversight
  • Pierre Simard Senior Director, Finance and Administration
    • Alexandre Beaulieu Director, Accounting and Financial Control
    • Stéphanie Dumas Director, Procurement
    • Julie St-Hilaire Director, Budgets and Management Information

Internal Audit

François Petillot

Chief Internal Auditor
See directors under François Petillot
  • Vacancy Assistant Chief Internal Auditor