The AMF administers the laws and regulations governing the Québec financial sector. This includes all activities related to the production and distribution of financial products and services for consumer marketing purposes.

The AMF's oversight activities primarily focus on the following areas: client services and compensation,  insurance and deposit institutions, distribution of financial products and services and securities.

Client services and compensation

  • Assisting consumers with complaints and claims.
  • Managing protection and compensation programs covering financial products and services.
  • Disseminating various educational programs related to financial products and services in partnership with investor protection organizations.
  • Providing consumers and financial sector participants with an information centre where queries may be submitted.

Insurance and deposit institutions

Monitoring and supervising insurance companies and deposit institutions operating in Québec.

  • Ensuring that financial institutions are appropriately authorized to operate in Québec and that they meet the various legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Managing the issuance of permits, the legal status of entities, and the update of institutional registers.
  • Conducting in-depth analyses based on risk management of the financial position of institutions and their related documentation.
  • Performing on-site or off-site inspections of institutions, and making any necessary recommendations.
  • Assessing institutions' commercial practices.
  • Developing normative tools, such as guidelines or standards, intended for financial institutions in the performance of their activities.

Distribution of financial products and services

  • Supervising the distribution of financial products and services by applying the rules governing the eligibility and practice of representatives, advisers and brokers in all sectors.
  • Managing the certification of representatives and the registration of firms in the sectors of personal insurance, damage insurance, claims adjustment and financial planning.


Overseeing the proper operations of securities markets and ensuring the protection of investors.

  • Analyzing disclosure documents regarding securities distributions or public offerings.
  • Making sure that reporting issuers, i.e. all organizations that have issued public offerings, provide securities holders (shareholders) and the other market participants with the financial statements, MD&As and other documents required by law and regulations.
  • Ensuring that securities issuers and other financial sector participants adhere to their obligations, for example, by filing insider reports within the specified time periods.
  • Overseeing the establishment and implementation of orientations and regulations pertaining to capital markets.