As provided for under its governing legislation This link will open in a new window, the AMF's mission is to enforce the laws governing the regulation of the financial sector, notably in the areas of insurance, securities, deposit institutions (other than banks) and the distribution of financial products and services.

More specifically, the AMF's mission is to:

  • provide assistance to consumers of financial products and services;
  • ensure that the financial institutions and other regulated entities of the financial sector comply with the solvency standards applicable to them as well as with the obligations imposed on them by law;
  • supervise the activities connected with the distribution of financial products and services;
  • supervise stock market and clearing house activities and monitor the securities market;
  • supervise derivatives markets, including derivatives exchanges and clearing houses and ensure that regulated entities and other derivatives market practitioners comply with the obligations imposed by law;
  • see to the implementation of protection and compensation programs for consumers of financial products and services, and administer the compensation funds set up by law.

Codes of ethics and professional conduct

The AMF adopted two codes of ethics and professional conduct. One applies to the Members of the board of directors, and the other to all staff, including members who are public office holders.