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Thinking about investing on your own in the stock market?

Have you heard stories lately about people who got rich quick by investing in the stock market? The reality can be very different! The information you find on the Internet or social media can be false or misleading.

Take some time to think it over: Investing in the stock market on your own is very risky. You could lose your money!

Do you have:

  • the required financial, tax and other expertise and knowledge?
  • time to gather, analyze and regularly track information about possible investments?
  • a high risk tolerance and sufficient financial resources to withstand the loss of all or some of your money if there’s an unexpected turn in the market?

Before risking your money on the stock market, see the Investing on your own: It’s not for novices! page.

Manage my finances

4 tips for better investments

You’ve been saving up your money for a number of years and now you want to invest it. Here are 4 tips to consider before investing.

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Before investing, figure out your investor profile

Before investing your savings, you need to know yourself. How do you do that? By figuring out your investor profile.

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Avoid financial fraud

Social media scams: Be careful, even if someone says they’re a friend!

Here are three types of fraud often seen in social media.

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You thought you were insured: Beware of insurance fraud!

Fraudsters pocket the premium and issue fake insurance policies so their victims think they're covered. Here's how you can protect yourself against this type of fraud.

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Have you witnessed fraud or suspicious practices?

  • Someone wants to sell you a product and isn't in the AMF register?
  • Someone is promising you returns that seem too good to be true?

Notify the AMF! By reporting the situation to us, you can help stop fraud.

End of the warning

Buy a car

Can you afford a car?

Owning a car is expensive. Apart from the cost of buying it, you need to be able to keep it running! Those expenses can add up.

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Before buying a car, consider the alternatives

Buying a car may not be right for you, especially if you have to take out a loan and pay interest! Here are some options that could help save you money.

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Get a credit card

How to access your credit report

Your credit report provides a snapshot of your financial habits. A poor credit report could be a major stumbling block when you apply for any kind of loan, a line of credit or a credit card.

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Are you ready for your first credit card?

Getting a credit card may seem like a great idea; however, you need to ask yourself first whether owning one will simplify or complicate your life. Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision.

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Pay for my education

Student insurance billed by your university: Is it compulsory?

Student associations often negociate insurance coverage for their members. The premium automatically appears on your student fee statement for the current session. Are they necessary?

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Do you have student loans to pay back?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare a repayment plan that fits your budget.

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Rent my own apartment

Can I afford an apartment?

Thinking of moving out on your own? It’s important to first figure out how much it’ll actually cost, as rent isn’t the only thing you’ll have to pay.

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Is tenants’ home insurance compulsory?

No, but you should get it anyway. Here’s why.

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