Rent my own apartment

Planning and budgeting, home insurance, credit report...

Here’s some information to help you make the most of your first apartment.

Can I afford an apartment?

Thinking of moving out on your own? It’s important to first figure out how much it’ll actually cost, as rent isn’t the only thing you’ll have to pay.

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Is tenants’ home insurance compulsory?

No, but you should get it anyway. Here’s why.

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Five tricks to help you get the best price on home insurance

You know how important it is to have insurance covering your property and civil liability, but how do you get it at a reasonable price? Here are five tricks you can use.

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Is my roommate covered under my home insurance?

Two months ago, Jade moved in with Luke. On the advice of friends, she bought home insurance to cover her belongings and civil liability. Was it necessary?

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