Saving on your grocery bill

Is there any way you can bring down your grocery bill? Absolutely! Here are some tips organizations like the associations coopératives d'économie familiale (ACEF) in Québec have come up with after studying the issue.

1. Make a shopping list

This means planning your purchases before you go shopping. When you make a list, you have to take a moment to figure what’s left in your pantry, what you have to stock up on and what you’d like to eat, so you don’t end up spending money on things you don’t need.

2. Benefit from discounts

Many stores let you check their fliers on-line. Some sites even let you compare their prices against their competitors. See where you can get the best deals for the items on your shopping list.

3. Buy store-brand products

Here's a challenge: buy only store-brand products next time you go shopping. It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to tell the difference, but your wallet will feel better!

4. Shop on a full stomach

Everything looks good when you’re hungry, making you more prone to buy more than you need—and to end up with a bill that’s as big as your appetite!

5. Cook meals together as a group

Buy in bulk, cook in bulk, and divide everything up. It’ll save you money (and work) and you’ll have more fun!