The AMF Index provides insight into the financial behaviours of Quebeckers and allows for more targeted financial education interventions.

The AMF Financial Awareness Index is based on a Web survey in which 1,500 individuals responsible for managing their household finances were asked to rate the relevance of 40 knowledgeable financial behaviours divided into ten themes and state whether or not they adopt these behaviours on a regular basis.

Launched in 2012, the AMF Financial Awareness Index measures the financial behaviour of Quebeckers with respect to:

  • Personal finances management;
  • Credit management (interest and debt);
  • Investments;
  • Dealings with a financial advisor;
  • Insurance products;
  • Level of awareness of financial fraud;
  • Retirement planning.

The AMF Financial Awareness Index also draws a portrait of three types of consumers of financial products and services: knowledgeable, ambivalent and indifferent.

A strategic tool

The index allows the AMF to develop and adapt its educational tools while better targeting consumers who could benefit from adopting more vigilant behaviours.