Labour-Sponsored Investment Funds or Venture Capital Funds

These are investment fund securities issued by a labour organization or a financial institution. They provide investors with tax benefits. The funds invest a portion of their assets in start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to create or maintain jobs.

Since January 1st, 2024, taxpayers with taxable income greater than $112,655 (2022 taxation year) no longer have access to the provincial labour-sponsored funds tax credit. This restriction does not apply to venture capital funds. For 2025, taxable income for 2023 must not exceed $119,910.

Expected return

Securities can generate returns in the form of capital gains (losses). The benefit to the investor will partially depend on the resulting tax benefits.


Shares in labour-sponsored funds must be retained until the age of 65 years or the time of retirement or early retirement, i.e. at 55 years of age. Certain conditions apply.

Shares can also be redeemed in exceptional circumstances. These include: purchase of a property, pursuing education, loss of employment or launch of a business, disability or terminal illness.

Another type of available fund is a regional development fund, the shares of which are redeemable after being held seven years, unless an exceptional event occurs such as death, disability or terminal illness.

Risk: medium to high

These funds invest a major proportion of their assets in start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises.