Regulation of Derivatives Markets in Québec

Derivatives Act

The Derivatives Act This link will open in a new window CQLR, c. I-14.01 came into force on February 1, 2009. Recognizing the exponential growth in derivatives markets and products, the Act is providing a modern and flexible framework for derivatives products adapted to the industry.

Qualifications – Offering derivatives to the public

What is a qualified person?

A qualified person is a person, other than a recognized regulated entity, that has been authorized by the AMF to create and market certain derivatives (refer to the list of derivatives included in the qualification decisions). Derivatives offered to the public typically include, but are not limited to, foreign exchange contracts (“forex”) and contracts for difference (“CFDs”) on a variety of underlying interests such as equities and commodities.

Who needs to be qualified?

Any person that wishes to create or market a derivative is required to apply to the AMF for qualification before the derivative is offered to the public.

In addition, the qualified person must offer derivatives to the public through a dealer, or register with the AMF as a dealer.

Who is qualified?

The following persons have been qualified by the AMF and are therefore authorized to offer derivatives to the public:

Qualified person Decision

CMC Markets Canada Inc.


Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd.


GAIN Capital - Canada Ltd.


Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.


OANDA (Canada) Corporation ULC


Questrade, Inc.


How do I apply for qualification?

The following must be submitted as part of an application for qualification: