Automatic reciprocation

Effective June 23, 2016, certain amendments to the Securities Act (Québec) came into force, in particular sections 308.2.1.1 to 308.2.1.6. As a result of these provisions, when another securities regulatory authority in Canada issues a decision or enters into an agreement with a person imposing sanctions, conditions, restrictions or requirements, it will automatically apply in Québec. It will have effect as if the decision or agreement were made by the Autorité des marchés financiers or the Tribunal administratif des marchés financiers (new name of the Bureau de décision et de révision as of July 17, 2016), according to their respective competence. This decision or agreement will have effect without giving the right to the person to make observations or to be heard in Québec.

If the decision or agreement is amended or revoked, this amendment or revocation will also apply automatically This link will open in a new window in Québec.

To determine whether a cease trade order has been issued against a reporting issuer or a non-reporting issuer or an individual, you may consult the Cease Trade Order database This link will open in a new window available on the website of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).

Also, to determine whether an individual or company has been disciplined, you may consult the Disciplined List on the CSA website. This link will open in a new window