Investing to optimize retirement income

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This booklet is intended to illustrate the advantages of investing in an RRSP. For various types of investments, we compare the amounts accumulated after a certain number of years, depending on whether or not the investment is made inside an RRSP.

As you will see, tax rules are very important in this context since they have an effect on the sums that will be available to you when you retire. By helping you better understand, we hope you will be able to make better investment choices and accumulate more savings for your retirement. 

Benefit from the HBP while staying on course for retirement!

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Since its inception in February 1992, the Home Buyers Plan (HBP) has helped about two million Canadians buy their first home. Around $15 billion has been withdrawn from Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) to finance first-home purchases.

How does the HBP work? Is it better to pay back your HBP very quickly or contribute to your RRSP? Is it preferable to put the down payment in an RRSP and then withdraw it under the HBP or use the amount directly? What are the consequences of making HBP withdrawals?

This brochure answers questions such as these.

Guide to Financial Planning for Retirement

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This is the 2016-2017 edition of the Guide to Financial Planning for Retirement.

The Guide contains information and advice prepared specifically for you, to help you put your retirement planning on a solid foundation, based on your retirement goals.

Inflation and Life Expectancy: A Dangerous Combination for Your Retirement?

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When do you expect to retire and how long will your retirement last? Will you have the financial resources needed to take full advantage of your leisure time? At that time, what will the price tag be for the goods and services that you buy?

If these questions interest you, this booklet will come in handy.