The AMF requires future professionals to pass the following examinations, based on the sector or sector class in which they plan to practise, in order to ensure they have the necessary skills to properly advise clients.

An examination is valid for two years from the date it is passed. A failed exam may be rewritten three times.

The AMF offers manuals and other tools to help you prepare for the examinations.

To consult the updates of the manuals and the examinations

If you wish to write an AMF examination, you must follow the registration process.

List of examinations to be passed

Personal-lines damage insurance sector class

Commercial-lines damage insurance sector class


Mandatory training following a third failure for the same exam

Before submitting a registration application for a third supplemental examination in the damage insurance sector, a candidate must successfully complete a course related to the failed examination. This course can be taken with a recognized training body. It can also be a privately tutored course recognized by the AMF.

The AMF recognizes privately tutored courses (pdf - 422 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 1st January 2019 so that candidates are not unduly delayed in beginning their careers where a course is not offered within a reasonable period of time by a recognized training body. The requirements for the recognition of privately tutored courses are listed in the Trainers section.

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