Mount Real Corporation - Orders issued against Laurence Henry

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Montréal – At the request of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Bureau de décision et de révision en valeurs mobilières (BDRVM) has issued a cease trading order against Laurence Henry in respect of the securities of Investsafe Ltd. and Maple Ridge Ltd., of which he is the sole shareholder, given that the two entities hold control over Real Vest Investments Ltd., a company that is under provisional administration.

As well, the BDRVM has prohibited Mr. Henry from exercising, directly or indirectly, any right to vote held by him as a director or shareholder of Real Vest Investments Ltd., for the purpose of altering the composition of its board of directors.

The orders issued against Mr. Henry are part of an investigation conducted by the AMF into the transactions carried out by the senior executives, employees, representatives and agents of Gestion MRACS ltée, Mount Real Corporation, Real Vest Investments Ltd. and related companies, into the activities performed as a dealer or adviser by these persons and, finally, into the use of the funds collected by them.

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is the regulatory and oversight body for Québec’s financial sector.

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