Rules for rewriting exams

A candidate must score at least 60% to pass each examination prescribed by the AMF. A candidate is considered to have failed an examination if he fails to comply with the instructions given during the examination session. However, a failure may be cancelled by the AMF where warranted by exceptional circumstances.

In the mortgage brokerage sector, an examination is valid for a period of 2 years from the date the candidate passes the first examination.

A candidate who fails an examination is entitled to rewrite that exam three times, provided that the minimum qualifications (training) are valid. The validity period for minimum qualifications training is two years as of the date the training was successfully completed.

Candidates who fail one or more exams four times will have to start the mortgage broker career entry process over. In other words, to be entitled to further examination attempts, they will have to successfully complete the required minimum qualifications for the mortgage brokerage sector again and re-register for the exams. At that point, if they do not pass an examination on their first attempt, they will have up to three additional attempts to do so.