Annual pass rates are available for all exams administered by the AMF. The table shows the number of exams administered for each sector, as well as the pass rates for the initial attempt (test 1), and second and third attempts (tests 2 and 3).

If an exam is administered to 5 or fewer candidates, only the pass rate is shown. Care should be taken when interpreting the data for exams administered to fewer than 30 candidates, as the pass rate may not be representative due to the effect of extreme values on small numbers.

Exam pass rates

September 1st, 2019 to August 31st, 2020


Test 1

Tests 2 and 3

Integrate into practice the general principles of law applicable to damage insurance and the rules governing the activities of claims adjusters.

Number of candidates: 249

Pass Rate: 88%

Number of candidates: 32

Pass Rate: 69%

Settle personal property insurance claims based on the client’s coverage.


Number of candidates: 236

Pass Rate: 79%

Number of candidates: 51

Pass Rate: 76%

Settle personal-lines and commercial-lines automobile insurance claims based on the client’s coverage.

Number of candidates: 243

Pass Rate: 80%

Number of candidates: 55

Pass Rate: 75%

Settle commercial-lines property and civil liability insurance claims based on the client’s coverage. 

Number of candidates: 188

Pass Rate: 85%

Number of candidates: 23

Pass Rate: 74%

Claims Adjustment

* These data should be interpreted carefully, given that only a small number of candidates wrote this exam.