Web form - Request for assistance or information


This web form will help the AMF understand your business and determine what type of assistance you may need before we begin our discussions. It is designed to be easy to complete and not as obstacle to seeking assistance. 

  • Please include all the information in the form that you deem relevant. 
  • Answer all the questions, providing as many details as possible so you can be provided with the best possible assistance. If we have any further questions about a particular aspect of your business, we will contact you.
  • We will not have access to your data until you send it upon completion of the form.
  • We guarantee you that your data will remain confidential and secure. 
  • We undertake to help you answer any questions you may not know the exact answer to.

Note that the AMF Fintech and Innovation team cannot provide:

  • legal, tax or accounting advice
  • financial support
  • business strategies
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