Our collaborations

To foster the development of Québec fintech firms, we participated in the creation of a national and international network of regulators committed to working together to support financial innovation in their respective markets.

National network

International network

International cooperation agreement

The AMF has signed, with the CSA, eight international cooperation agreements with foreign regulators in order to facilitate the sharing of information pertaining to fintech and digital transformation. Fintechs can benefit from these agreements to facilitate access to the international markets involved and streamline the administrative process.

Geographic region

Regulator and year of signature


  • France AMF (2018)
  • UK FCA (2019)

Middle East and Africa

  • Abu Dhabi Global Market FSRA (2017)
  • Mauritius FSC (2021)

Asia and Oceania

  • Australia ASIC (2017)
  • Singapore MAS (2019)
  • Taiwan FSC (2020)
  • Hong Kong SFC (2021)

The Global Financial Innovation Network

The Global Financial Innovation Network This link will open in a new window (GFIN) is an international network of financial regulators committed to working together to support financial innovation of benefit to consumers in the regulators’ respective jurisdictions.

One area of focus for the GFIN has been to explore the concept of cross-border testing This link will open in a new window (CBT), also known as the ‘global sandbox’, and to create an environment that allows firms to consecutively or concurrently trial and scale new technologies, products, or business models in multiple jurisdictions.

The GFIN’s published a report entitled Cross-Border Testing Initiative: Cohort 1.0 This link will open in a new window in May 2022 describing the achievements and challenges of the first official CBT cohort. It was a unique opportunity for regulators and innovators to learn from each other and work together.

For detailed information about the GFIN members and observers, please refer to the web page GFIN Regulatory Compendium This link will open in a new window. By following the links on this page, you will find out what type of innovation services are offered by the GFIN members.

International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Fintech Task Force (FTF)

The AMF is also a founding member of IOSCO and is a permanent member of the IOSCO Board. It keeps abreast of the latest international developments and participates with other jurisdictions in the world in a variety of work.

The Fintech Task Force This link will open in a new window (FTF) was established on March 9, 2022. The FTF is tasked with developing, overseeing, delivering and implementing IOSCO’s regulatory agenda with respect to fintech and cryptoassets. It is also charged with coordinating IOSCO’s engagement with the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and other standard setting bodies on fintech and crypto-related matters.