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Here’s some information to get you started with growing your savings!

4 tips for better investments

You’ve been saving up your money for a number of years and now you want to invest it. Here are 4 tips to consider before investing.

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Before investing, figure out your investor profile

Before investing your savings, you need to know yourself. How do you do that? By figuring out your investor profile.

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Figure out what type of investment suits you

Before deciding on an investment, consider its liquidity, risk level and expected return. What do all these terms really mean?

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Investing: What's the relationship between risk and return?

There’s a wide range of financial products to choose from. Each product has its own special features.

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Diversification, or how to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket

A fundamental rule to follow when you invest your money is to diversify your investments.

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Prepare a budget in three easy steps

Is there something you want to do, like get a new apartment, buy a new car or further your education? Following these three easy steps can help you maintain your lifestyle and achieve your objectives.

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Is opening a bank account complicated?

Bank or credit union? Banking package or transaction fees? It’s not really all that complicated. Here are the key things you need to know before opening a bank account.

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RRSPs and TFSAs: What they are?

These are savings plans that allow the amounts deposited to grow tax-free. But they’re different in a number of ways. Learn more here!

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The magic of compound interest

Here's an example to help you understand compound interest.

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