Filing a compensation claim

The AMF carries out a detailed assessment of each claim to determine if compensation is to be paid out. Therefore, it is important that your claim be as complete and accurate as possible and that all relevant documents be sent to the AMF at the assessment stage.

1 – Check eligibility conditions

Before completing your compensation claim, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

2 – Complete claim form

To file a compensation claim, you must complete the Claim Form - Fonds d’indemnisation des services financiers (pdf - 558 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on September 22, 2023

When completing the form, make sure you:

  • give a detailed explanation of the facts on which your claim is based;
  • indicate the amount you are claiming;
  • provide supporting documents.

Having doubts?

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Should you have any questions, contact an AMF Information Centre agent.

End of the Information

Some documents to be submitted in support of your claim:

  • Insurance policies and/or documents attesting to the transaction;
  • All correspondence between the representative, firm, partnership, dealer, broker or insurance company and the victim;
  • Bank statements;
  • Copies of cheques and evidence that they have been cashed;
  • Civil, penal or disciplinary sentence against the representative, independent partnership, dealer, broker or firm involved. 

3 – Submit claim form

Send the completed claim form along with the supporting documents to the following address:

Autorité des marchés financiers
Place de la Cité, tour Cominar
2640, boulevard Laurier, bureau 400
Québec (Québec)  G1V 5C1

Claim processing time

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt including a reference number within two business days after your compensation claim is received. An analyst will then contact you in writing or by phone in the following weeks.

It generally takes one year before a decision is issued, but that time may vary considerably depending on:

  • the complexity of the file;
  • the time to obtain all the documents and information required to make a decision.

Taking other steps while claiming compensation

Filing a claim with the compensation fund is done separately from other forms of recourse available to victims.

It is possible, for example, to claim compensation without even suing the perpetrator of the fraud. Likewise, victims may file a claim with the fund and launch legal proceedings against the person liable for the fraud in order to recover amounts not covered by the fund.

Every case is unique. In case of doubt, it is advisable to file a compensation claim. The AMF assesses the specific facts in each file before issuing a decision.