Impact of investment fees

Exchange traded funds, mutual funds and segregated funds usually charge an annual fee that can vary considerably from one fund to the next. Here’s how the fee will impact the amounts accumulated by you over time.






It is common practice to pay fees for services such as professional management of an investment fund or personalized advice.

Fees impact returns. They vary from one fund to the next. Check and compare fees before investing in a fund. Higher fees do not necessarily mean better returns.

This calculator is not designed to be used as the sole source of information on which to base your financial decisions.


This calculator considers only the annual fee as a percentage. It does not take front-end and back-end loads into account. The annual fee is calculated on the balance reached at the end of the year, excluding any new amount invested at the end of the year. The results are rounded. Investment income is assumed to be reinvested. Income tax is not taken into account. This tool does not predict the amounts you will accumulate. The actual annual returns you earn will not necessarily be fixed throughout the duration of the simulation. This could affect the fees paid.