How to register for AMF E-Services - Representatives and future professionals

AMF E-Services provide quick and secure access so you can perform transactions related to your file and check your messages.

You’ll be able to use AMF E-Services to do things like:

  • apply for authorization to register or to register for your exams based on your preferences and availability (reserve a date, time and location)
  • postpone or cancel your exams
  • receive your exam results in your secure message inbox as soon as your exam has been corrected
  • receive your probationary certificate or representative’s certificate as soon as your application has been approved
  • make payments related to your obligations
  • track application/request processing in real time
  • renew your certificate
  • maintain your registration as an independent representative

To access AMF E-Services

clicSÉQUR, the authentication service previously used by the AMF, is gradually being replaced by a new authentication solution. Before registering, make sure you’ve created your government authentication service account.

To access AMF E-Services, you must

  1. Register for the government authentication service
  2. Register for AMF E-Services

1- Government authentication service

First, register for the government authentication service This link will open in a new window.

Then follow the steps to obtain the user code and password you’ll need to use to authenticate your identity when accessing AMF E-Services.

You’ve already created an account for the purpose of accessing other government services? Log in to your account This link will open in a new window and complete the steps shown to register for AMF E-Services

We invite you to visit the page How to create a Governement Authentication Service This link will open in a new window  for more details, or to contact Services Québec at 1 877 644-4545 if you need help.

List of required documents – Government authentication service

Make sure you’ve got the following information on hand when creating your account:

  • your health insurance card number
  • your social insurance number - 9-digit number appearing on the social insurance card issued by Service Canada
  • your notice of assessment number - Notice number appearing on one of your two most recent notices of assessment from Revenu Québec
  • he reference number from one of the following documents:
    • your driver’s licence
    • your health insurance card

Having problems registering?

Contact Services Québec at 1 877 644-4545. They’ll be able to help you register for the government authentication service.

2- Registration for AMF E-Services

Once your identity has been verified by the government authentication service, you will be redirected to another window to register for AMF E Services. If you’re already an AMF client, answer YES to the question Are you an AMF client? To complete the registration steps, you will need:

  • your 10-digit AMF client number or your certificate numberIf you are certified, you can get either number by checking the register.
  • your e-mail address

If you’re not an AMF client, answer NO to the question Are you an AMF client? Follow the steps that are indicated.

Information for independent representatives

As an AMF-registered independent representative, you must use the government authentication service instead of clicSÉQUR - Entreprises. You’re considered a citizen rather than a firm for the purposes of registering for the government authentication service. This does not in any way affect your professional activities; it is simply an administrative formality.

You can access the E-Services menus via one of the options indicated in the E-Services portal: My representative’s certificate or My registration as an independent representative.