The AMF is 20! A constantly changing industry, a continuously adapting organization

Over the past 20 years, Québec’s financial sector has undergone major transformations that have reshaped consumer habits and, in so doing, fundamentally changed how the industry interacts with its clients. These transformations have also required industry participants to demonstrate an exceptional level of adaptability and resilience.

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The progress made since the AMF’s creation allows us, today, to have a solid experience and all the vitality needed to address the coming years’ challenges. We intend to continue to play a vital role within Québec’s financial ecosystem and to help maintain public confidence in sector participants.

A few highlights

To mark these 20 years of transformation, we present some moments that proved to be pivotal for both industry practitioners and consumers.


Our industry:

165,000 people

Work in Québec’s financial sector, mainly in deposit institutions and insurance.


Is the financial sector’s contribution to Québec’s economy. At 6.4% of GDP, it’s the 7th largest industry sector in Québec.

Our organization:

927 staff

Work for our organization, including 200 who are assigned to inspections and investigations.

100,000 calls

Have been received at our information centre over the past year.