The March edition of our electronic magazine AMF-INFO


The March edition of our electronic magazine AMF-INFO (pdf - 721 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on March 2, 2005is now available.

Among other topics, this issue discusses the following:

  • Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Consumers of financial products and services
  • will be better protected with Bill 72
  • AMF reminds insiders of obligation to report trades
  • within prescribed time limits
  • Overview of proceedings and decisions
  • AMF computerizes filing of annual complaint report
  • "2005 Test your financial IQ" contest is off and running
  • NRD: Project enters second phase
  • Life insurance and property and casualty insurance: New solvency standards established
  • Financial reporting control: Measures for comment
  • Proposed guidelines on retirement benefits disclosure
  • Canada's securities regulators propose to streamline
  • short form prospectus system
  • First report on enforcement is conclusive
  • Meeting of Chairs in Vancouver
  • IOSCO: Credit rating agencies now governed by new code of conduct