Reference manuals to be available in English

Good news regarding training and qualification matters!

The AMF will be translating certain manuals that cover material specific to Québec. The translation process will begin with the manuals that focus on the following:

  • Taxation concepts pertaining to insurance of persons;
  • Taxation concepts pertaining to group insurance of persons;
  • Legal concepts and legislation pertaining to insurance of persons.

The manuals will be available for sale as soon as they have been translated.

With this initiative, the AMF seeks to facilitate career access for unilingual, English-speaking candidates.

The AMF always strives to minimize any fees charged to the industry. As mentioned, the translation process will be undertaken in connection with manuals that cover material specific to Québec (taxation/legal concepts and legislation). As well, it will target those sectors for which the number of unilingual, English-speaking candidates is most significant.