New trial for Claude Sicotte

Montréal - On April 4, 2013, Judge Michael Stober of Superior Court ordered a third trial for Claude Sicotte so he could present a defence.

An initial trial by default took place in September 2010. Claude Sicotte then filed a motion for revocation of judgment, and a new trial was ordered. At a second trial, which was held in March 2012 in the absence of Claude Sicotte, Presiding Justice of the Peace Gaby Dumas of the Court of Québec, district of Laval, declared him guilty of illegally receiving a commission from the sale of a financial product and fined him $30,000. Since the motion for revocation of judgment filed by Claude Sicotte was dismissed by Presiding Justice of the Peace Gaby Dumas in April 2012, he filed another motion.

Claude Sicotte appealed the decision in Superior Court and Judge Michael Stober, after dismissing the grounds for the appeal, nonetheless ordered a new trial, citing in particular Claude Sicotte's lack of representation by a lawyer and the hefty fine he was ordered to pay.