Application for authorization - Public contracts/subcontracts

Public Contracts

On-line applications available soon! Do you have your clicSÉQUR code?

Starting on November 18, 2013, Québec businesses that wish to file an application for authorization with the Autorité des marchés financiers ("AMF") for the purpose of entering into a contract or subcontract with a public body will be required to use our E-Services.


To use these on-line services in a secure manner, you must have a clicSÉQUR account for your business.

What is clicSÉQUR?

ClicSÉQUR is the Québec government service through which you can authenticate your identity with a user code and password to access, in a secure manner, the on-line services of participating departments and agencies, including the AMF.


If you don't have a clicSÉQUR account

You can register now with clicSÉQUR so you'll be able to use AMF E-Services.

Access the clicSÉQUR site This link will open in a new window and follow the instructions.

Once you have your user code and password, you'll be able to choose the Autorité des marchés financiers, starting on November 18, from the list of departments and agencies on the clicSÉQUR site in order to access AMF on-line services and complete the application for authorization.

If you have any questions regarding your clicSÉQUR user code and password, please contact Revenu Québec at 1-866-423-3234.

If you already have a clicSÉQUR account

If you have already registered your business with clicSÉQUR, please wait until November 18 to select the Autorité des marchés financiers from the list of participating departments and agencies on the clicSÉQUR site This link will open in a new window. You will then be able to access AMF E-Services and complete your application for authorization.

Before November 18, the application for authorization may be mailed using the form available on the AMF website.