Your RRSP investments according to your age category


Montréal – Did you know that the breakdown of your RRSP investments should be adjusted from time to time to reflect the new realities of your life? The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) would like to guide you on this matter according to your age group.

± 25 years
At this age, your RRSP focus should be on determining how much money you will need when you retire and then developing a savings and investment strategy that will enable you to achieve this goal, taking into account the effect of inflation on the amount you will need. Make sure your investment return goals are realistic. The more years you have ahead of you, the more you can consider investing in securities with potential for above-average returns. But remember, the level of risk is usually correlated with the expected level of return. Contribute early!

Return of 6% - Retirement at age 65 - 25 years of contributions

1st contribution at

Annual contributions of

Total investment

$ at retirement

age 25




age 40




± 40 years
This is the time to make sure that the goals you set are still suitable and that it is still possible to reach them. You might want to consider increasing your annual RRSP contributions at this stage. Or you might have unused contribution room that you can use. Contribute at the beginning of the year!

Contributions at beginning of year (B) vs. end of year (E) ($4,000/year – 6% annual return)

Number of years

$ accumulated (B)

$ accumulated (E)


10 years




25 years




40 years




± 55 years
Retirement age is fast approaching! You should be investing primarily in safe securities at this stage, because if your investments perform poorly in a given year, you might not have time to achieve the desired returns.

Accumulation of annual investment of $4,000 according to different interest rate scenarios

Years \ Return





10 years





25 years





40 years





Over the past few years, many public retirement plans and employer plans have generated lower-than-expected returns. Remember that financial independence is your best protection!

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The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is the regulatory and oversight body for Québec’s financial sector.

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