Vacation time is a good time for travel insurance!

Insurance Organization

Just in time to help you plan your vacation and protect yourself against the unpleasant financial consequences of an accident or sudden illness, the AMF has updated its travel insurance brochure (pdf - 421 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on July 3, 2013 (Available in French only).

Travel insurance tips

  1. Think about purchasing travel insurance as soon as you plan to travel outside Québec.
  2. Check what protection is offered by your group insurance plan at work or your credit cards, to avoid "duplicate" insurance.
  3. Travel insurance is available from insurance representatives, insurers, travel agencies and certain financial institutions, among other entities.
  4. Take the time to identify and understand the main protection, limits and exclusions, especially if you have a particular health condition.
  5. If you have consulted a doctor, if your state of health is unstable or if your medication has changed, contact your insurer before you leave.
  6. If you rent a car, think about taking out insurance that covers rental vehicles.