News - Improvements to AMF E-Services


You can now take advantage of several improvements made to AMF E-Services.

We have changed or added functionalities based on users' comments to make your transactions with the AMF even more effective.

We encourage you to share this information with other members of your business who carry out transactions with the AMF via its on-line services.

  • A Sort by AMF unit function that simplifies how you consult the documents in your on-line client file and the addition of services in the list of services offered by the AMF.
  • The possibility of adding documents to an application or request previously submitted to the AMF via the Follow up on applications/requests menu.

The new Sort function makes it easier to consult your messages, applications, requests and statements of account

Depending on whether you use AMF E-Services as an individual or a business, you can group documents using the Sort function added to the following E-Services menus:  

  • Secure message inbox
  • Follow up on applications/requests
  • Statement of account

In addition to being able to sort and filter data in certain columns, you can sort your documents by AMF unit using the drop-down menu or search by AMF client number.

Improvements have also been made to the way in which your payments or invoices are displayed in the Statement of account menu.

Do you want to modify access to your new sort function?

Businesses registered for E-Services have been given default access to the function that enables them to sort by AMF unit.

Your business's PES (person in charge of electronic services) can modify access to this function and limit the default rights assigned to users, based on the information security and access rights management standards related to your business's transactions. These changes are made via the clicSÉQUR website in the Administrator menu.

You can now add documents to an application or request previously submitted to the AMF!

You can add a document to an application or request previously sent to the AMF by clicking
on the + icon on the list displayed from the Follow up on applications/requests menu in AMF E-Services.

You can add a document that you forgot to include when you submitted your application or request, or if the AMF asks you to provide one or more additional documents following its analysis of your application or request. When a document is added in this way, it is transferred automatically to the AMF for analysis.

Remember that when using E-Services, you can consult On-line help by clicking on the question mark icon to the right of the section titles of the page on which you are navigating.