New or changed E-Services functionalities now available

Please share this information with other members of your business who carry out transactions with the AMF via its on-line services.

Billing and Payment

  • Improved invoice sort and display features

Via the Display my invoices drop-down menu in the My invoices tab, you can now select the option A previous year and choose the year for which you want the selected invoices to be displayed. This will give you access to your invoices for your tax return, since the AMF no longer issues tax receipts.

  • Change in payment methods

If you are a candidate, certified representative or independent representative, you may no longer pay by cheque, money order or certified cheque. However, two easy payment methods are available: credit card and electronic payment (automatic transfer from a financial institution).

Updating of Contact Information in Independent Representative's File

Are you an independent representative? If so, as of March 31, you can update your e-mail and language preferences in AMF E-Services. Your home address is in your certified representative's file. Your business address is in your independent representative's file.

Probationary Period

  • Official probationary period dates

Only the dates shown on the probationary certificate issued to the candidate by the AMF are the official dates on which the probationary period starts and ends.

Therefore, you must wait to obtain your probationary certificate before beginning your training period, regardless of the start date you requested in the Application for Authorization of Probationary Period.

  • Interruption of probationary period due to disability

A new function now lets you add the supporting document required for this type of application in real time.

If you are unable to continue with your probationary period due to disability, you can request that the AMF modify this period. To do so, you must submit an Application to Modify Probationary Period via AMF E-Services. To complete the process, you must fill out the Statement of Applicant section again and attach the supporting document.

Disclosure Schedule

All disclosures are now shown in the schedule available in AMF E-Services, even if the date on which the information is to be submitted has not yet been reached.

  • Remember that when using E-Services, you can consult On-line help at any time by clicking on the question mark icon to the right of the section titles of the page on which you are navigating.