Desjardins Group will not ask you for personal information by e-mail, telephone or text message

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In the wake of Desjardins Group's recent announcement regarding the recent personal data leak, the AMF is warning members and clients of the institution that they may be the target of fraudulent e-mails (spam), text messages and telephone calls.

Fraudsters may be tempted to contact you to extract personal information under the pretext that they are doing so in connection with security measures or updates stemming from the incident discovered on June 20, 2019.

The AMF reminds you to never reply to e-mails, text messages or telephone calls asking for personal information, whatever the reason given. Contrary to what the fraudsters may try to make you believe, such e-mails and text messages do not come from your financial institution, even if they bear the institution’s logo.

Do not click on the Internet link that may appear, as it will direct you to a fake site mimicking your financial institution’s website in order to steal your personal information. Also be wary if you receive any unsolicited telephone calls in this regard.

According to the information provided by Desjardins Group (available at This link will open in a new window), you will be contacted by regular mail if you are a member or client affected by the incident.

For more information on fraud prevention, visit the AMF website.

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