Changes or add-ons to functionalities in AMF E-Services

Organization Insurance

A number of changes or add-ons have been made to improve your use of our on-line services. We encourage you to share this information with co-workers who carry out transactions with the AMF through our website.

Change to Payment section

In the E-Services Payment section, the wording of the method of payment (Offset) has been replaced by Offset (use of credit on file).

With the offset (use of credit on file) payment option, you can pay your invoice with funds available in your file based on a credit note or a surplus amount resulting from a previous overpayment.

If the credit amount used is lower than the outstanding invoice amount, the difference will have to be paid with your credit card.

Change to recognition of workplace skills (competencies)

Under the Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP), changes have been made to training equivalences for the purpose of obtaining an insurance of persons or group insurance of persons certificate.

Given that the recognition of workplace skills will be abolished in January 2016, this application is no longer available through our on-line services or on the printed versions of the form.

For more information about LLQP, consult our website (Life Licence Qualification Program) or this issue of Les nouvelles


published by the Direction de la formation et de la qualification (AMF Training and Qualification).

Add-ons to examination registration authorization

When a candidate fills out an application for examination registration authorization via E-Services, he will, as of January 2016, be able to:

  • indicate the purpose of an application among the options available;
  • enter his Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR) number in order to confirm successful completion of training, if the sector or sector class on his certificate is covered by LLQP;
  • view the expiry date for the validity of exams to determine qualification for obtaining a certificate.

Add-on to application for supervisor's recommendation

A supervisor who recommends a trainee's probationary period in group insurance of persons will be required to complete an additional step. He will have to certify whether the trainee successfully completed a case study in this sector.

Add-on to application for authorization to enter into a public contract/subcontract

Any person who fills out an application for authorization to enter into a public contract/subcontract will now be able to make his declaration directly using the electronic version of the form.

Professional liability insurance

Any person who applies to the AMF for certification or registration must provide proof of professional liability insurance. As part of the on-line transaction, the person will now be required to furnish proof among the options given on the form.

Insurance coverage for a firm

A firm will now be able to produce and view a report (in Excel or PDF format) that covers, for a period of less than 60 days, all the insurance policies and coverages (active or expired) handled by representatives attached to the firm.