AMF launches public consultation on Internet insurance offerings in Québec

Given the rapid growth in e-commerce and the increasing popularity of making purchases using mobile phones and tablet computers, the AMF conducted a review of the on-line distribution of insurance products in order to better identify and understand this activity and its associated issues.

The AMF is therefore launching this consultation in order to share its findings and seek input from stakeholders on the web-based distribution of insurance products. The AMF hopes that this consultation will lead to improvements in the current regulatory framework so that it adequately protects consumers, regardless of the means they use to purchase an insurance product.

The consultation paper, entitled Internet Insurance Offerings in Québec (pdf - 768 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on February 24, 2012, is available on the AMF website under Public Consultations - Consultations under way - Insurance and Financial Planning.

Interested parties wishing to comment on the topic of Internet insurance offerings in Québec may do so until May 24, 2012.