AMF iterates importance of its investment fund activities

Organization Securities

Year after year, Quebeckers earmark more of their savings for an increasingly diversified range of investment products. By the same token, investment fund assets under management in Québec have risen sharply in the past 10 years. Amid this trend, the AMF has stressed the strategic importance of investment fund management for maintaining and expanding Québec's financial market.

For this reason, the AMF decided to set up a branch dedicated exclusively to investment funds. The primary mandate of the team, led for the past few months by Hugo Lacroix, is to maximize the AMF's impact and added value in this area of activities in Québec on an operational level and as regards the development of regulatory initiatives.

"Thanks to an open and structured dialogue, we will ensure that we are as focused and pragmatic as possible in our interventions with various market participants. In exchange, we will be able to further develop our ability to identify new investment fund trends and products as well as emerging risks," said Hugo Lacroix, Senior Director, Investment Funds.

"These changes are tangible evidence of the AMF's ability to adapt to evolving markets and its commitment to being a catalyst for the growth of investment funds in Québec," added Gilles Leclerc, Superintendent, Securities Markets.