Administrative agreement between Groupe Baluchon and AMF

Recently, an administrative agreement was reached between Concept-Éco-Plein-Air
Le Baluchon inc., 9061-7838 Québec inc., 9146-6227 Québec inc., 9095-6822 Québec inc. (hereafter Groupe Baluchon) and the Autorité des marchés financiers (the AMF) to correct a matter of irregular distributions through a QBIC (Québec business investment company). Under this agreement, Groupe Baluchon will ensure that all securities holders are grouped into the same entity as a result of a corporate transaction whose terms were submitted to the AMF. As well, Léo Beaudin, Jacques Chevalier, Jean-Marc Gauthier, Pierre Hétu, Céline Lessard, Gilles Lessard, Louis Lessard, Louis-Marie Paquin and Yves Savard solidarily paid an administrative penalty of $98,852, which represents 10% of the value of the irregular distributions made at the time.