Every registered institution must display the official logo supplied by the AMF in a conspicuous place at the entrance to and inside any establishment at which it carries on its activities.

The official logo attests to registration with the AMF under the Deposit Insurance Act This link will open in a new window and is as follows:

A registered institution wishing to inform the public that deposits made with it are guaranteed by the AMF may use only the phrase "Registered under the Deposit Insurance Act with the Autorité des marchés financiers" in its advertising.

Every document issued by a registered institution and evidencing the receipt of guaranteed funds shall contain the following statement: "This is a deposit within the meaning of the Deposit Insurance Act."

For more information on advertising, please refer to the Regulation respecting the application of the Deposit Insurance ActThis link will open in a new window (R. S. Q., c. A-26, r. 1).