In order to continue your activities related to your public contracts, you must submit an application for renewal of authorization to the AMF at least 90 days before your authorization expires.

You will be notified by the AMF 150 days before the expiry date of your authorization. This notice, which will be sent via AMF E-Services, will explain how to renew your authorization before the deadline. If you need additional information, you can contact your authorization agent.

  • If we receive your application before this date, your enterprise's authorization remains valid, subject to a decision revoking it, until it is renewed by the AMF. Therefore, you will be authorized to continue your public contracts already in process while your application is being analyzed and to enter into new public contracts and subcontracts.
  • To ensure that your application for renewal is filed on time, we suggest that you use AMF E-Services.
  • If we do not receive your application on time, when your authorization expires, your enterprise's name will be removed from the Register of enterprises authorized to enter into public contracts and subcontracts. Your enterprise will therefore not be able to enter into new public contracts or subcontracts during this period. However, you may continue your public contracts and subcontracts already in process until the AMF makes a decision regarding your application for renewal.

Are you the enterprise’s respondent?

Throughout the renewal of authorization process, and as long as the enterprise holds an authorization, the respondent will be the only person with whom the AMF communicates when necessary.

If the respondent is unable to perform his or her functions, he or she may sign a power of attorney authorizing another person to communicate with the AMF as part of the renewal of authorization process.


Please ensure that you are able to provide the documents required as part of the application for renewal of authorization, in particular the audited financial statements for the enterprise’s latest fiscal year.

If the enterprise does not have audited financial statements, the AMF requires at least a review engagement report on the financial statements for the latest fiscal year (a notice to the reader alone will not be accepted). Otherwise, your application for renewal of authorization cannot be processed and the application fees will not be refunded.

End of the warning


If you do not wish to renew your authorization, you must submit your application for non-renewal using AMF E-Services. To do so, access your Client File and select the application for renewal under Public Contracts – Renewal/Non-renewal.

As a contractor/sub-contractor, if you carry out a public contract or sub-contract and your authorization has expired, you could be deemed to have defaulted on the contract/subcontract on the expiry of a period of 60 days after the date your authorization expired.

Foreign enterprises and natural persons operating a business

  • If you are an enterprise that was not constituted under the laws of Québec and does not have its head office or an establishment in Québec where it primarily conducts its activities, you are considered to be a foreign enterprise.
  • If you are a natural person operating an enterprise.

Please consult the Foreign Enterprises and Natural Persons Operating an Enterprise section for all the information you need to apply for and renew your authorization