What transactions can I carry out with the AMF using its E-Services?

Among other things, you will be able to use AMF E-Services to:

  • Add, remove or make changes concerning:
    • automated teller machines;
    • classes of licences;
    • natural or legal persons related to your business (e.g., employees or mandataries);
    • previously disclosed information.
  • Send appendices and other supporting documents
  • Pay fees directly on line

How do I register for AMF E-Services?

Follow these two steps to register your money-services business for AMF E-Services:

1. Register the business with clicSÉQUR

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Choose the persons who will act on behalf of your business throughout the clicSÉQUR registration process: the authorized representative (AR) and the person in charge of electronic services (PES).

If you already have a clicSÉQUR account, you have likely already chosen these persons. If you do not know the name of your PES, or to add other persons in charge of electronic services, call Revenu Québec at 1-866-423-3234.

You can register with clicSÉQUR via the Revenu Québec website. The clicSÉQUR team is available to guide you through each step to verify the identity of your business, as well as the authorized representative (AR) or the person(s) in charge of electronic services (PES) you have appointed.

The authorized representative (AR)

The authorized representative (AR) must complete the full registration procedure with clicSÉQUR.

The AR is generally one of the officers of your business (such as the president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer) or a person duly mandated to act on behalf of your business. The AR appoints the person(s) in charge of electronic services (PES).

The AR receives a user code and a temporary password for each PES so that they can assign rights to other users within your business. These users can then authenticate their identity via clicSÉQUR.

2. Register the business for AMF E-Services


When registering for AMF E-Services, make sure you have your AMF client number on hand

This is the number that the AMF assigned to you when it issued your right to practice as a money-services business.

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The person in charge of electronic services (PES)

The person in charge of electronic services (PES) is an employee of your business and represents it with the AMF in all transactions concerning the business, including the communication of confidential information.

The PES holds a general power of attorney that allows him to access all of the business's files with the AMF and any related services.

The PES creates your business's users and grants them access rights through powers of attorney. A user may be an employee of your business or a person outside of your business, for example, an accountant. To create users, the PES must access the clicSÉQUR website and follow the steps in the Administrator menu.

Managing users and access rights

The PES has all rights of access to the services proposed by the AMF. He must grant access rights to these services to users. These access rights may be limited to certain "functional blocks".

Functional blocks

The AMF has defined services to meet your needs or to business areas that pertain to your most frequent transactions carried out with the AMF. These services are called “functional blocks.”

To change the functional blocks you selected, visit the clicSÉQUR website.

The functional blocks for a money-services business are:
001 – Secure message inbox
005 – Requests for information and other requests
007 – Follow-up on applications and requests
008 – Statement of account – Payment
013 – Money services – Licences and fees
014 – Money services – Business relationships
23 – Access to client file limited to ESM

How to access AMF E-Services

The PES and the users selected have received their user codes and passwords so that they can authenticate themselves with clicSÉQUR and access the AMF's on-line services.

AMF E-Services is accessible via the AMF website.

For more information, please listen to the training capsule on this topic.

How long does it take to register with clicSÉQUR?

Registration time varies depending on the type of information you provided and the steps clicSÉQUR needs to take to authenticate your identity.