Host a free AMF seminar on personal finance pitfalls

The AMF’s 2nd CEGEP Tour, Finance$: Avoid the traps!, will run until the end of the 2021 winter semester. The aim of this one-hour seminar is to make CEGEP students into informed consumers.

The seminar material complements the core concepts taught in the Secondary V financial education course and raises student awareness of:

  • the importance of choosing financial products suited to their situation
  • the benefits and dangers of new technologies and the sharing economy
  • the pervasiveness of financial fraud and the advantages of staying informed
  • the AMF’s role in assisting consumers

An amount of $250 will be provided as compensation for efforts to organize and promote the conference. Students who attend the conference will be entered in a door prize draw.

Interested in hosting the Finance$: Avoid the traps! seminar at your CEGEP? E-mail Anne-Bianca Morissette at

Finance$: Avoid the traps! is an initiative connected with the Québec Financial Education Strategy action plan. (pdf - 3 MB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 10 June 2019The Québec Financial Education Strategy (the “Strategy”) is a wide-ranging collaborative