How are your investments doing?

Do you hold investments such as bonds, stocks or investment funds? Do you look at your account statements and other documents your investment firm sends you? Those documents can lead to a meaningful touch point for a discussion with your representative.

Two new reports

Investment firms across Canada will be required to provide investors with annual reports on their investments’ performance and charges and compensation at the latest in July 2017. They’re part of an initiative called Client Relationship Model Phase 2, or CRM2, which is a set of new rules designed to ensure investors receive clearer information about their investments from the investment industry.

The first of these reports, the Annual Report on Investment Performance, includes your personal rate of return over the past year. This takes into account the timing of deposits and withdrawals in your account, dividends, accrued interest and capital gains (losses). It will help you evaluate, with the help of your representative if required, whether or not you are on track to meet your financial goals.  

In addition to the performance report, you will also receive the Annual Report on Charges and Compensation. It gives clear information on the money received by your investment firm over the past year to provide you with services and manage your account, including transaction, operating and professional fees and trailing commissions if, for example, you own mutual funds.

For more information, see the following videos :

Know What to Expect from Your Registered Investment Adviser

When you open an account with a dealing representative, there are important things that you should know about the relationship that you will have with your adviser

Video lenth: 1:17

Know What You Pay When You Buy or Sell an Investment

Before your dealing representative buys or sells an investment for you, they must tell you the charges you will have to pay for the transaction.

Video lenth: 1:28

Know Your Investment Account Performance

Every year your dealing representative’s firm must provide you with an investment performance report. This report will list all your investments, the return on your account, the market value of all deposits and withdrawals, the change in market value and rates of return.

Video lenth: 2:15

Know the Cost of Your Registered Investment

Every year your dealing representative’s firm must provide you with a charges and compensation report. The report covers account operations costs, transaction costs and amounts paid by third parties.

Video lenth: 1:08