Welcome to the Financial Education experts dedicated Section!

This section aims at promoting exchange of ideas, tools, experiences and best practices.

Experts from both private and public sectors such as government agencies, researchers, financial industry, consumer associations and community groups are represented. Working in close collaboration with these organizations allows the AMF to proactively pursue its regulatory mission.  

As financial education experts, we invite you to share with us your initiatives and experiences.

Québec Financial Education Strategy

In order to optimize its financial education efforts and resources, the AMF has gained inspiration from international leaders and has laid the groundwork for a Québec Financial Education Strategy (pdf - 755 KB)This link will open in a new window. This document presents the project and includes the action plan. It sets out the major orientations, enhanced by the feedback received from Committee members.

Please see the French section for a complete list of partners and other information.

The review This link will open in a new window of the first 6 months of the implementation of the Strategy is now available (French only).


For any questions with regards to Financial Education :

Sophie Garon, Directrice des communications avec les clientèles et de l'éducation
Québec : 418 525-0337, ext. 4111
Montréal : 514 395-0337, ext. 4111
Tool Free : 1 877 525-0337, ext. 4111

Camille Beaudoin, Directeur, Éducation financière
Québec : 418 525-0337, ext. 4141
Montreal : 514 395-0337, ext. 4141
Tool Free : 1 877 525-0337, ext. 4141

Youth Website www.tesaffaires.com This link will open in a new window
Valérie Sauvé
Québec : 418 525-0337, ext. 4144
Montreal : 514 395-0337, ext. 4144
Tool Free : 1 877 525-0337, ext. 4144

For The Education and Good Governance Fund (EGGF) This link will open in a new window :
Julie Lemieux
Québec : 418 525-0337, ext. 4104
Montreal : 514 395-0337, ext. 4104
Tool Free : 1 877 525-0337, ext. 4104