Have you been the victim of suspicious activity or witnessed any such situation? For example:

  • illegal practice in securities or insurance;
  • use of privileged information to trade in stocks;
  • fraudulent scheme;
  • questionable commercial practice;
  • offence under the laws and regulations administered by the AMF.

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The information you have could alert us to misconduct by individuals or firms, whether registered or not with the AMF. By sharing this information with the AMF, you can help stop fraud, protect other investors and, in some cases, preserve the financial amounts at stake.

Any reported offence under the laws or regulations administered by the AMF will be reviewed and given appropriate follow-up based on the issue raised. To deter unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, the AMF has the power to conduct investigations and to launch penal, administrative or civil proceedings. Some reports of suspected wrongdoing may therefore result in sanctions, penalties or legal action.

If you have questions, contact the AMF Information Centre:

Québec City: 418-525-0337
Montréal: 514-395-0337
Toll-free: 1-877-525-0337
Fax: 418-647-9963
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