By sharing your information with the AMF, you can help protect other investors and stop fraud.


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Have you witnessed or been the victim of suspicious activity? Do you believe an offence was committed under the laws administered by the AMF? For example:

  • Someone wants to sell you shares or insurance, but your inquiries show that they are not registered with the AMF.
  • The director of a listed company uses privileged information to trade in stocks.
  • On Facebook, people are asked to invest and promised huge returns.
  • You notice that you have life insurance on your car loan, but you never requested it.

Notify the AMF

  1. Complete the Report fraud or suspicious practices to the AMF (pdf - 119 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 19 December 2017Report fraud or suspicious practices to the AMF form;
  2. Attach any other relevant document, e.g., website address, advertising or letter which you received.

We examine all situations brought to our attention. In some cases, the information may be used to remind a firm of its obligations respecting sound commercial practices. In others, the AMF may exercise its investigative powers and then launch penal proceedings that could result in sanctions.


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Do you believe you’ve been the victim of fraud committed by a representative registered with the AMF?
You could be eligible for compensation through the Fonds d’indemnisation des services financiers (financial services compensation fund).


The Fraud Prevention section will help you detect certain types of fraud and give you advice on how to avoid it.