Representatives, insurance firms, securities firms, insurers and financial services cooperatives must deal fairly with complaints and claims filed with them by consumers.

Is your insurer refusing to pay your claim or offering you less than what you claimed? Do you believe the financial product you were sold does not meet your needs? Do you think a caisse has made a costly mistake that will impact you? You want to file a complaint with an credit assessment agent?

Here’s how you can file a complaint with a firm:

1 – Be prepared

  • Gather your documents: These include contracts, statements and invoices, correspondence, names of people you met, notes taken following conversations.
  • Find the relevant information: Evaluate the possessions under dispute, ask for an estimate, and consult websites.
  • Set your expectations: Consider the result you want to achieve and you think is fair.
  • Contact the firm to which your complaint relates: Being well-prepared and making your case verbally often help to resolve a dispute.
  • Contact the AMF Information Centre: We can provide you with information about financial services, including insurance, investments and services offered by your caisse. We will indicate the various options available to you.

Need assistance with your complaint?

We can help:

Contact our Information Centre

End of the Information

2 – File a complaint with the firm or representative

If you are still unsatisfied after your first contact to resolve a situation, you can file a written complaint with the firm or representative.

Please use the AMF complaint form (pdf - 101 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 5 April 2017AMF Complaint form. Once you have completed the form, send it to the firm or representative to whom your complaint relates.

The contact information of firms and individuals registered with the AMF can be found in our Register. Many firms also have a page on their website explaining their complaint process and the address to which a complaint must be sent.

The firm that receives your complaint must:

  • send you an acknowledgment of receipt;
  • deal with your complaint fairly;
  • send you its position in writing and, if applicable, its offer of settlement.

3 – Ask that your file be transferred to the AMF

If your complaint is still not resolved, you can ask to have your file transferred to the AMF. To do so, complete the transfer form (pdf - 52 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 5 April 2017FORM TO REQUEST THE TRANSFER OF A FILE TO THE AUTORITÉ DES MARCHÉS FINANCIERS (AMF) and send it to the firm. The firm will forward a copy of your file to the AMF.

We will analyze your file to determine whether we can offer you our mediation or conciliation services. This is a voluntary process intended to resolve a dispute; the AMF cannot require a party to go to mediation.

Please note that filing a complaint does not interrupt the time limit for recourse before the courts.