After joining the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in January 2015 to serve as Senior Director, Public Affairs and Communications and a member of the Executive Committee, Diane Langlois was appointed Executive Director, Public Affairs and Communications in 2017. She oversees the development and deployment of the AMF’s communications orientations.

Ms. Langlois acts in an advisory capacity with senior management and is the resource person for all AMF units. She is accountable for the end quality of the AMF’s communications initiatives and tools.

She also oversees the AMF’s financial education program, whose objective is to empower consumers to make sound financial decisions, and manages the Education and Good Governance Fund, which provides financial support for awareness, education, research and partnership projects that tie into the AMF’s mission.

Ms. Langlois is a bilingual manager with more than 20 years of communications, marketing and public relations experience in the regulatory, retail and technologies sectors, as well as at agencies. She is open-minded, curious and creative. Her drive and leadership talents make her a skilled communicator and manager of multifunctional teams