The AMF endorses the principles of employment diversity and equality. To offer equal employment opportunities to everyone, the AMF has adopted an equal access employment program based on the provisions of An Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies.

The purpose of the Act is to ensure better representation within public bodies of certain groups of people who are frequently discriminated against in employment, namely, women, ethnic minorities, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and handicapped persons.

The AMF wishes to build a qualified workforce to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and is committed to drawing on the diversity of talent and experience available in the marketplace.

What our employees say about us

Hélène Barabé

Director, Investigations

"After holding the position of investigator for seven years with the Commission des valeurs mobilières du Québec (CVMQ), I was promoted to Manager, Investigations. My team includes lawyers, accountants and employees who specialize in securities. This multidisciplinary approach has helped me grow in many ways and creates a stimulating working environment for my team. We have no shortage of challenges! The AMF's mission encourages us to be proactive and creative when exchanging information with the public. The training programs organized by the AMF in investigations, financial products and regulations allow me to keep my knowledge up-to-date."

Gouro Sall Diagne

Director, Supervision of Deposit Institutions
Originally from Senegal

“I received a very warm welcome when I first came on board in 2008. The AMF gave me the chance to use my experience to help achieve its mission. It's a dynamic work environment and I truly feel that I'm being of assistance to the financial services community. As part of my job, I regularly examine issues in order to make recommendations and ensure that current regulations are consistent with federal and international frameworks. Our recommendations have repercussions on the financial institutions we oversee. That means that no stone can be left unturned. It's motivating and rewarding work. I supervise a multidisciplinary team of accountants, economists, finance specialists, mathematics experts, computer specialists, bankers and actuaries. Because the environment is constantly changing, I take training courses on a regular basis.”

Sandra Éléazard

Verification Officer, Investigations
Market Surveillance
Originally from Haiti

“I was hired in the early 1990s by what was then known as the Québec Securities Commission, one of the five entities that merged to form the AMF. My colleagues made me feel welcome and I quickly felt at home in my new working environment. Thanks to the AMF, I was able to continue my university studies and acquire workplace experience. This is a big advantage. The AMF promotes the use of information technologies and encourages me to make suggestions about the tools I need. My job is very diversified and my research helps staff members such as investigators with their files. I am often asked to assume other responsibilities; for example, overseeing training sessions for our team. Since arriving at the AMF, I have taken on new challenges in areas such as document management, procurement, registration and inspections. The AMF helps me to move up in the organization and to grow my career.”

Martin Diaz

Computer Technician, Support and Assistance
IT, Network Computing and User Support
Originally from Peru

“I started at the AMF at the beginning of 2010. The AMF is an open organization that treats its employees fairly. My colleagues gave me a warm welcome. I feel respected here. I began as a computer consultant. By showing initiative and perseverance, I landed a full-time position in less than three months. There is no shortage of challenges in my field! There is always another software program to learn and new upgrades to be installed. I provide IT support and networking services in a stimulating work environment.”

Simon Chhuon

Analyst, Financial Compliance
Supervision of Intermediaries
Originally from Vietnam

“I have been with the AMF since its beginnings in 2004. I had no trouble at all fitting in. I have worked in various units which, thanks to their broad-mindedness, smoothed the integration process for me. The AMF offers attractive job opportunities at many levels and in spheres of activity that are always being reshaped. As a financial compliance analyst, I help the AMF reach its objectives and mission. I find that rewarding. Rapidly assimilating changes in regulations and accounting standards is just one of the many challenges I face. The AMF gives its employees the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies. I have taken training courses in accounting, particularly in the application of new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). I have also been able to take English course as well as a distance training course in financial services. Thoroughness and professionalism are very much present at the AMF.”