The following section addresses the questions most frequently asked by replacement supervisors about the probationary period.

How many supervisors can a trainee have during the probationary period?

A trainee can have a maximum of two supervisors during the probationary period. Both supervisors must complete the supervisor statement. However, only one of the supervisors is required to complete the supervisor’s recommendation form at the end of the trainee’s probationary period.  

How many replacement supervisors can a trainee have during the probationary period?

Each supervisor can have a replacement. If two supervisors are overseeing a trainee’s probationary period, then there can be a maximum of two replacement supervisors during this period.    


Since replacement supervisors oversee a trainee for only a specific period, they cannot submit the recommendation to the AMF  

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How long must an employer keep a trainee’s file?

The supervisor must create a file for each trainee attesting to the quality of the oversight provided by the supervisor and the employer. The employer must keep the file for five years.  

How can the probationary period be interrupted and extended?

The trainee and the supervisor can submit an application to interrupt the probationary period via AMF E-Services or by mail. Supporting evidence of the reason for the probationary period interruption must be provided.

The probationary period can be interrupted for the following reasons:

  • Discontinued by employer
  • Professional departure
  • Sick leave for trainee or supervisor
  • Death of trainee or supervisor or death in the family
  • Parental leave
  • Vacation period not given
  • Probationary period not started
  • Supervisor not in good standing
  • Change of supervisor in a period of less than 10 days
  • NSF cheque
  • Any other reason of superior force

Once the AMF has processed the application, the employer can submit an application to extend the probationary period if the interruption does not exceed four weeks.  

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