Before writing the examination

You must report to the exam room 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Late arrivals will not be tolerated.

To enter the exam room, you must bring the following:

  1. Your examination notice consistent with your application (exam date, location, language and competencies being evaluated). If you notice an error, contact us immediately.
  2. An official photo ID
    Only official photo IDs are accepted (driver’s licence, passport, health insurance card or permanent resident card). No photocopies or other images will be accepted.
  3. HB lead pencils and an eraser

The AMF will provide:

  • Scratch paper
  • Standard calculator
  • E-tablet (for insurance of persons and group insurance of persons examinations)

Read the Tablet User Guide(pdf - 827 KB)This link will open in a new windowUpdated on 8 February 2016Tablet user guide for candidates and watch the accompanying video This link will open in a new window before the exam to help you prepare adequately.

Permitted items:

If you are sitting an examination in damage insurance or claims adjustment, you can use the exam preparation manuals sold by the AMF and the related addenda.

Handwritten notes are permitted in the manual, but they must correspond to the topic covered on the pages where they are written. Notes must be in English or French. Copying exercises is not permitted.

Important : In order to respect copyright, candidates who bring photocopied or altered copies of AMF manuals to exam sessions will be asked to leave. They will be assigned a grade of “0” and their manuals will be confiscated.

Prohibited items :

  • Cell phones, computers and digital music players
  • Dictionaries
  • Food
  • Beverages other than water

If, for reasons beyond its control, the AMF is unable to hold an examination as scheduled, it will refund your registration fee or allow you to register for a subsequent examination free of charge.

Your responsibilities:

To help ensure proper conditions for the examination sessions, please comply with the following instructions. It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Write anywhere but on the question sheet, answer sheet or the scratch paper provided by the AMF;
  • Copy all or part of an exam question;
  • Communicate with other candidates during the exam session;
  • Leave the exam room with any documents provided by the AMF (question sheet, answer sheet, scratch paper).

Consequences will result from failure to comply with these instructions.

Exam confidentiality

You are required to uphold the confidentiality of the examination content. Failure to do so will be taken into consideration in determining your degree of honesty, which is an important requirement for the issuance and renewal of a representative’s certificate.


You can send us your comments on the content of the exams using the form provided with your question sheet.

If necessary, the supervisor can give you time to do so after your answer sheet has been submitted. A personalized response will be provided for all relevant comments if you provide your name and contact information.  

After the examination session

Your examination results will be sent to you within two weeks of the exam session based on your communication preference.

Results are not given by phone or e-mail. Please do not contact the AMF for results. If you still have questions, call our Information Centre.